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PERSPECTIVE - Oh My God, They Baked His Face (1972) (Private Press)

Not On Label - none



Tracks Listing

01 - Another Day 2:42

02 - Someday Brother 3:15

03 - Greensleeves 2:43

04 - March Song 4:59

05 - Please Don't Go 3:41

06 - Any Day Woman 3:30

07 - Spring Song 1:39

08 - Circle Go Round 2:33

09 - Michael 3:45

10 - Any Way You Want It 4:09

Line Up / Musicians

Rick Cyge - Acoustic Guitar, Arranged By

Jim Mitchell, John Hyland - Bass

Lev Wharton - Bass, Arranged By, Vocals

Paul Henry - Drums, Organ, Piano, Vocals, Keyboards [Chimes]

Fred Brome - Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar

Jean Martin - Flute

Dave Tornquist - Guitar

John Armitage, John Dyson, Valerie Southern, Vinronionie Pet - Guitar, Vocals

Sue Gifford - Recorder, Vocals

Fred Macarri - Saxophone

Dori Littmann - Tambourine

Kenneth Southern - Vocals

The third LP in a series of albums made by University Of Rhode Island students & featuring a variety of musical styles, mostly folk. 500 copies were pressed ..... There is a contention running rife among various and sundry individuals at U.R.I. that live music - not in the packaged "Big Name" concert form but the students for the students variety - is dead. This album is dedicated to the proposition that bothe the contention itself, and the people who support it, are wrong. If there were a lack of an audience, this album would not have been produced, if there had been a lack of people who wanted to perform, it could not have been produced. This album is also dedicated to Byron O. Champlin, who is not dead either, but merely graduating. ----Perspective, Spring 1972

Download Link :  https://mega.nz/file/WoVwWAJJ#GnI-AYRz3TLmSPv5G6r-QsOVJ7jr0T9FNVx0i2wmD1s

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