Monday, October 22, 2018

EVERYONE INVOLVED - Either Or (1972) (Private Press)

Arcturus Records - ARC 4

Tracks Listing
01.Fragments Of A Vision 4:32
02.Chant Song 5:00
03.A Sad Song 3:44
04.Motor Car Madness 5:06
05.The Master Man 3:53
06.A Song For The System 2:54
07.An Antisocial Multiperson Song 2:09
08.Leaves And Paper 3:59
09.A Gay Song 3:36
10.A Liberated Man 4:29
11.Hallo Morning Sun 3:29
12.Music Of The Spheres 5:17
13.The Circus Keeps On Turning (Single) 2:59

Line Up / Musicians
Oskar Lanchester - Percussion
Gillian Dickinson - Vocals
Nigel Stewart - Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Klein - Guitar, Vocals, Music
James Asher - Drums, Violin, Piano
Alan Wakeman - Lyrics
Freya Hogue - Vocals
Lucinha Turnbull - Guitar
Arnaldo "Liminha" Filho - Bass
And Others ...

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

BLACKHAWK COUNTY - Monkey Zoo (1975) (Private Press)

Seagull - ST-1001

Tracks Listing
01.Monkey Zoo 2:37
02.In The Meadow 2:40
03.Three Pools 2:26
04.Silver Stallion 3:00
05.Oregon (I Can't Go Home) 3:55
06.Rodeo Rider 3:25
07.Children 4:20
08.Crimson Trail 3:36
09.Big River 4:12
10.I Think I Love You 3:15

Line Up / Musicians
Bill Coleman - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Spencer Palermo - Bass
Dennis Parish - Drums
Scooter Riordan - Piano, Harpsichord, Lead Vocals
Dobie Long - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Jim Graziano - Drums (10)
Dave Griffith - Steel Guitar (06) (08), Mandolin (07)
Doug Frazer - Guitar (10) Lead Guitar (05)
Debbie York - Backing Vocals (10)

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Monday, October 15, 2018

ARAXES - Singles (1973 - 77)

Gma - G-1011 & Chapa Discos
Released:1973 - 77

Tracks Listing
01.Araxes - Something To Say (Parte I) 3:09
02.Araxes - Something To Say (Parte II) 5:03
03.Araxes II - El Rastro 3:19
04.Araxes II - Si 5:04

Line Up / Musicians
Fernando Artalejo - Drums
Jose Hervias - Bass
Pedro Dieguez - Vocals
Javier Esteve - Guitar
Dick Zappala - Vocals
Jose Antonio Rodriguez - Acoustic Guitar
Jorge Pardo - Flute

Javier Esteve - Guitar
Jose Neri - Acoustic Guitar
Pepe Sanchez - Drums
Joaquin Hernandez - Bass
Curro Millan - Keyboards
Pedro Dieguez - Vocals
JL Absinthe - Low

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

OPAL BUTTERFLY - Demos & Singles (1967 - 70)

CBS & Polydor
Released:1967 - 70

Tracks Listing
01.I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night 3:02
02.Wind-Up Toys 3:28
03.Beautiful Beige 2:33
04.Speak Up 2:20
05.Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand 2:36
06.My Cration Or 7:31
07.You`re A Groupie Girl 3:56
08.Gigging Song 3:46

Line Up / Musicians
Tom Doherty - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Richard Bardey - Bass, Vocals
Simon King - Drums
Allan Love - Vocals 1967-?
Robert C. "Robbie" Milne - Guitar 1967-69
Lemmy - Bass, 1969
Ray Majors - Guitar, 1969-70

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

LOST  IN  TYME  RADIO  !!!!!!!!!!!

LostInTyme Radio, is an independent radio station which is thoroughly based upon the power, the longing and the passion derived from its creators.
Our goal is to travel our listeners to quondam times via different music genres (folk, psychedelic, garage, progressive, pop etc.) and sometimes with artists that never came to prominence.
The producers’ goal is to also present a plethora of musical pieces that diverged from any kind of commercial or profitable use. Music that was made of musicians who chose to follow a rather humble, modest path.
We hope to entertain our listeners the best we can. We gladly welcome you to our station, and we hope you enjoy our music.

LostInTyme Radio Station Team.

You Tube Channel


Horatius Rex's show is every Thursday  {21.30-23.30 (Hellas Time)},  {14.30-16.30 (N.York Time)}

LOST IN TYME RADIO, is under configuration and construction as we are making one small step on the moon . Our weekly program has obviously not been completely sorted out, meaning that we are still open to suggestions and propositions for someone who shares similar interests to ours and is willing to put passion and effort in order to play music in our radio.
We are open for passionate people who want to share and enjoy irresponsibly their music, broadcasting with us.

LostInTyme Radio Station Team.