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BRIAN McLAREN - Learning How To Love (1978) (Private Press)

Jubal Spring Records - JR 7001



Tracks Listing

01 - Sailing Out On Life 4:35

02 - Becoming 3:30

03 - Depersonalization Blues 2:08

04 - I Wonder How You Love Me 4:20

05 - Learning How To Love 4:53

06 - Every Step I Take 3:40

07 - Publican And Pharisee 4:09

08 - Simple Things 4:09

09 - Mary And Martha 5:05

10 - Immanuel 2:21

11 - I Believe In Him 6:28

12 - Psalm 95 2:40

Line Up / Musicians

Brian McLaren - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Wind, Congas, Keyboards

Scott Smith, Tom Tuel - Backing Vocals – 

Tom Willett - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rodger Hamilton - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar

The voice reminds me of Evan Williams, the music of Phil Keaggy’s 'What A Day' or perhaps the quieter side of Harvest Flight. Learning How To Love is an exceptional private press recording of dreamy acoustic rock that features beautiful melodies layered with silky guitar work and soft lulling vocals. Over forty-five minutes of music to drift away to, twelve original songs with titles like ‘Sailing Out On Life’, ‘Publican And Pharisee’, ‘I Wonder How You Love Me’, ‘I Believe In Him’, ‘Simple Things’, ‘Mary And Martha’ and the boogie jammin’ ‘Depersonalization Blues’. Brian plays guitar, woodwinds, congas and keyboards, while four other guys add various instruments and/or background vocals. How come no one’s ever heard of this guy?  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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