Tuesday, September 12, 2023

RICK DEITRICK - Gentle Wilderness (1978) (Private Press)

Niodrara Records - none



Tracks Listing

01 - At Morning 5:10

02 - For Marsha 7:17

03 - Missy Christa 3:58

04 - Koto Rain 2:33

05 - Jon's Song 4:09

06 - Crawdad Hole 3:04

07 - Deep Within The Forest Of The Heart 3:41

08 - Green Green Grass Of Home 3:05

09 - Gentle Wilderness 5:37

Line Up / Musicians

Rick Deitrick - Acoustic Guitar

Ohio-born Rick Deitrick took up the guitar at 16 and decided to approach his playing as if he was the only guy on an island and the instrument had just washed ashore one day. According to Rick, "I completely divorced my playing from any formal music knowledge, but it was very important to me to use original tuning. During those years, the sixties/seventies, there was a lot of acoustic guitar playing, often using open tuning as a base. I wanted to create whole tones without de-tuning and keep access to the complex sounds stock tuning provided."

Download Link : https://mega.nz/file/2oUBkDKS#1c2yR1nKmKXLArgeMRTjbVU0cjWMaJUslllFp7usb5A


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